TBK Inspections

Ken Tabak of TBK Home Inspections, has been performing quality home inspections in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1996. He has personally inspected thousands of homes and saved many home buyers from purchasing the dreaded money pit.


The House Detective: A Guide to Inspecting Your Home. Available on Amazon.


Critical Advice to Help You: This DVD takes you through two hours of an actual inspection, to let you know the hard facts. This information will be invaluable to you in a home purchase, sale or ownership that is designed to save you money at every step of the way.

Safety Concerns: Eliminate safety hazards to make your home safe for you and your family. Help prevent accidents before they happen! Learn about problems before making that crucial decision that could cost you thousands of dollars.$$$

In-Depth Home Inspection Topics: Beginner or expert, this DVD is easy to understand and use to get all of the important information you need. Never buy, sell or remodel a home without this! This DVD covers numerous topics and shows the potential repair problems found when buying or selling a home. By identifying any problem conditions before you buy or sell, you'll be able to understand the process and save money.

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