TBK Inspections

Ken Tabak of TBK Home Inspections, has been performing quality home inspections in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina since 1996. He has personally inspected thousands of homes and saved many home buyers from purchasing the dreaded money pit.

TBK inspections is certified to provide the following services:

- Home Inspections 
- Commercial Inspections
- Radon Testing 
- Water Testing 
- Phone Consultations

What are the features and specialties of TBK Inspections?

Exterior – siding, windows, doors, garage, decks and stairs, water drainage

Structural – Foundation, columns and piers, roof, walls, floors and ceilings

Roof - materials and condition, skylights, chimneys, gutters, water drainage, flashing

Plumbing - drains, faucets, supply lines, hot water tanks, water pressure, sump pumps

HVAC - condition and operation of unites, fireplaces, ducts

Electric - breakers and main panel, wiring, outlets, switches, fans and lights, gfci’s, smoke detectors

Interior - walls, ceilings, floors, steps, cabinets, counters, doors, windows, built in appliances

Crawl Space - Water, insulation, leaks, moisture problems